3-Step Guide on Setting Up Your Own Gym

Are you fascinated by the idea of your own gym?

It’s relaxing to have a venue for fitness activities all to yourself. Because while it can be fun, getting surrounded by workout “buddies” can cause distractions. After all, it’s nice to have a place where you can work out in peace.

Well, good news. You can make it happen.

Here’s a three-step guide to help you.


First off, devise a plan. The idea of buying fitness equipment may seem enticing. But unless certain factors are sorted out beforehand, it’s best not to spend a dime.

Here are those factors:

    • Time investment is necessary as you set up your own gym. Putting aside time for this project allows you to focus and take it seriously. Free (at least) a day on your schedule. If you can’t, then work something out. 5 hours a week maybe?


    • Then, there’s your budget. Of course, you will need to spend on fitness equipment and other necessities.

      Usually, the amount will depend on the quality of equipment you want to own. If you want brand new stuff, you may have to prepare a higher amount. If you want to spend only a small amount, check out secondhand equipment.

      You may withdraw a set amount from your bank account. Or, you could consider setting aside a pre-determined amount from your regular salary.


    • Space is another factor worth considering. You need a vacant room in your house — and one that’s dedicated to your fitness facility.

      Make sure it’s spacious enough to accommodate all your equipment. It should also be spacious enough for you to freely move around.

      Renting storage units is a good idea, too. Compared to a room in your house, this one will cost you.

      But don’t worry, you can opt for storage units at affordable rates. Granted these units come with quality, they make an ideal space for a gym. They can ensure the top-level safety of your fitness equipment, too.

      To check out quality storage units, visit http://www.smartlockstorage.com/. They offer storage units with 24-hour video surveillance and barbed wire fencing (in the surrounding area).



Then, if you’ve sorted out all the abovementioned factors, you’re a step to the finish line. It’s important to make arrangements regarding those factors so that this step would be effortless.

Installing safety mattresses is a must especially if you’re a beginner in this whole build-a-gym concept. The mattresses will protect you from possible fitness-related injuries.

For example, picture a situation where you’ve fallen to the floor. With safety mattresses there to catch you, you may be left unscathed. But you might not say the same if you haven’t installed safety mattresses.


Or you can conduct a buying spree. Because you already installed safety mattresses and sorted out time investment, budget, and space for this project, you’re free to buy the equipment you need and want for your own gym.

What you would want:


    • Dumbbells


    • Treadmills


    • Swiss balls


    • Punching bags


    • Elliptical trainers


    • Stationary bikes



Setting up a gym isn’t always easy. But if your mind is all sold on the idea, you should go for it. And of course, follow the steps above. Doing so will help you get a gym in a matter of time.