4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Luggage for Foreign Trips

When packing items for a trip abroad, choosing the right kind of luggage is important.

Avoid going with a piece of luggage based solely on affordability.

Prioritize quality instead. If its quality is not up to par, you’re up for regretful days.

You might think you’ll be saving money on the choice. But you might end up spending more, too.

Here are some factors to consider.

1: Safety

Consider the safety of your items when choosing a luggage.

Let it meet these qualifications:

Can support all your belongings
Contains multiple compartments for organization
Comes with a chain zipper (instead of a coil zipper) for better security
This is an important factor especially if some — if not all — of your items are extremely important items. For example, you ‘ll be carrying business documents, lots of formal attire, or journals with sensitive information.

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2: Professionalism

Additionally, let professionalism weigh in, too.

Especially if you’re going abroad with a business agenda, choose a luggage that won’t jeopardize your position.

Go with the one that looks extra appealing. If you’ll be strolling around an area, you would want to be seen with class and elegance.

3: Durability

And you would want a luggage that doesn’t wear easily.

There are pieces of luggage that only last for a single trip. Because of the exposure to rough (and often, new) conditions, they give in easily. On them, you’ll find holes, damaged compartments and zippers, and broken wheels.

Then, there are pieces of luggage that can withstand those similar rough conditions. It doesn’t matter where your destination is. This kind of luggage can be around for a lifetime!

You would want the second type, of course.

Usually, the more durable pieces of luggage are available at a higher price. This shouldn’t be surprising because they are made with high-quality (and expensive) materials.

On the flip side, this doesn’t mean that all affordable pieces of luggage aren’t made of high-quality materials. You can buy a great luggage despite working on a tight budget.

4: Personal Convenience

And of course, personal convenience wraps up the list. Look for an easy-to-carry piece of luggage.

If your choice passes the safety, professionalism, and durability checks, that’s good. But if it scores 0 in personal convenience, you might want to give it up.

Especially if you’ll be carrying it around with you a lot, avoid a luggage that can make your days tedious.

You should avoid the following:

Luggage with hard (and heavy) cases

Luggage that weighs more than all your stuff

Luggage without wheels (or a hand-carry option)

Luggage that is too big


Take note of these factors and use them as a reference when looking at pieces of luggage. Especially if you want your trip to be “one for the books”, choosing the right kind of luggage matters.