5 Tips for Handling Dry Lips

Have you suffered for a long time with dry lips and you have resigned yourself to the fact that there is no cure for this? Truth is you can get the perfect cure by just changing a few habits and follow some tips.

Lips form a perfect part of the body that should not be spoilt at all. You can apply these tips below to make them healthy and luscious.

Know the Cause

The first step is to know why your lips are dry all the time, even if you apply balm. You need to know that the skin on the lips is very different from that in other parts of the body.

First, this skin is very thin compared to the skin thickness on other parts of the body.

Secondly, other parts of the body have special glands called sebaceous glands that work to keep the skin moisturised to prevent it from going dry. The skin on the lips does not have these glands, which makes the lips more prone to dryness.

Lips also dry faster during particular seasons compared to others. For instance, lips dry much faster during winter compared to summer or spring. This is due to the harsh winter weather that leads to faster evaporation of the moisture on the lips. This is one reason why you experience dry lips during the cold season.

Have The Right Lip Balm Always

To help with dry lips, make sure you have the right lip balm with you at all times. Without this, you end up with dry lips that even your saliva cannot help.

Always have a good lip balm for this purpose to moisturize your lips the moment you start feeling the dryness. At times, do not wait for them to dry up before you apply a layer of balm.

If you are not careful in choosing the right lip balm, you might end up with the wrong one – one that makes the situation worse. What you need to do is to pick one that is enriched with natural oils and peppermint. These provide a longer lasting moisturizing effect. You are better off with a balm that contains vitamin C to prevent the development of cold sores that are common during winter.

If you are allergic to some ingredients, then avoid them. This means that you do not buy the balm blindly, but you take time to evaluate the ingredients before settling on the right one.

So, look for these ingredients in the balm before you go ahead and pick one. Buy two so that you can always have an extra one on hand.

When applying the balm, make sure you also place some on the outer parts of the lips as well. This part also gets dry and chapped and needs to get some moisture as well.

Don’t Lick, or Bite Your Lips

The first reaction to dry lips is to lick them or try to bite off the dry skin – big mistake. Licking your lips makes them dry up faster and makes you more uncomfortable. For your information, saliva evaporates faster than most of the other liquids, and through licking, you take away the existing moisture on the lips, which makes it dry up faster.

Stay Hydrated

Make it a point to take a lot of water. Water makes a huge part of the body and is essential to everything you do. One of the benefits of taking water is the elimination of dry lips.

The first part that shows the signs of dehydration is the lips. Therefore, drink lots of water each day so that you keep the body well hydrated.

Not all the other tips for dry lips will come into effect if you do not keep your body hydrated.

Use The Right Lipstick

Having dry lips makes it hard to get the perfect lipstick. However, there are a few brands that are made specifically for dry lips.

To combat dry lips, make use of a moisturizing lip balm and then apply a moisturizing lipstick from Lovely Lips to keep your lips healthy and looking its best.

In Closing

Dry lips are not something you can wish for. With dry lips come cracks that are so painful. Make sure you follow these tips to keep the lips moisturised.