Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 Review

Titanium hair dryers aren’t always going to be available in your local market, sometimes you’ve got to look a little longer and harder (no pun intended, of course). This is a hair dryer that’s looking to change the way people look at the entire industry as a whole, and that’s got to take some guts. If you wanted to look at a website that was capable of comparing an abundance of dryers to one another, you might want to check out – they have a very large amount of dryers to choose from (odds are you’ll find the most optimal dryer for your home right there).  By no means am I a professional writer, but I figured I would give writing reviews a shot anyways, as I feel like this is one of the best dryers I’ve ever used.

Everything Included

There is 2000 watts of power to really work with here, and since that’s a large amount, you can bet your bottom dollar that your hair will never be too wet throughout the day. If your hair dryer needs aren’t all that, you could still enjoy the NANO titanium that’s integrated with an ion generator. It’s the most effective way to conserve the amount of power you;re using, as well as make sure that the dryer will stay in your home for years to come. It’s very light in the weight as well, so you won’t have to struggle to pick it up if you’re a little weak in the arms – we aren’t all the strongest people on the planet! It’s one of the best selling dryers on the market, and that’s all due to the titanium materials included within.

The Pro’s & Con’s of This Dryer


It might not seem like much, but the only problem I could think of with this dryer is the size. Sometimes I feel like it’s too small, and my hands take over too much space – this makes it hard for me to maneuver around my head as much as I would like. It isn’t a big one, but I figured I would bring it up anyways.


Well, the 200 watts was good because I didn’t like the size of the dryer – but the power that it packed was enough to work with my really curly hair. It’s made out of titanium, so the risk of it deteriorating at a quick rate isn’t really there anymore. It’s a dryer that’s going to be taking care of hair for months and months, making it worth the money.

My Decision

I would recommend this dryer to anybody that lacks one of their own right now, or just simply feels as if the one they’re using doesn’t have many benefits. You can’t be too careful in a market like this one, I’ve purchase more than my fair share of weak hair dryers in my time.