The Best Food Processors in 2019

First I’d like to admit a mistake, in the picture you can see that the numbers 2018 are stated and this was a typo while creating this picture so I will adjust that later to better represent our title as we are talking about the best-rated food processors in 2019 today. You could argue it’s hard to make a decision as the year has just started so the list will probably include some 2018 models.

There are still tons of people that don’t know the difference between a food processor, blender, or juicer. If you want to know the specifics about that I recommend you follow the link I just inserted as they devote a whole article to that so let’s not waste our word count on such details. If you’re looking for a food processor right now you probably already know the difference anyway.

We are going to hop to again because they are the ultimate review site and I like their feature of Amazon’s Picks and Best-Sellers a lot so we are going to make a choice from those models again. Because volume matters I’m going with the cup size in this article ladies.

The Best 4-Cup Food Processor

I tried to find the best seller or favorite choice but I couldn’t find any of such models in this category so I’m going to make an educated guess based on positive reviews and price. There is one model that received 4 five-star ratings but I don’t trust that too much so I’m going to pick another one.

The Cuisinart 4-cup food processor it is, not the cheapest but it looks like a reliable model with a 4-star rating by over a thousand people. It has easy touchpad controls and is equipped with a handle that’s easy to grab. They’ll even throw in a spatula and some recipe books as well. Personally, I always love those extras and as it’s cheap it won’t have much of an effect on the price.

The 18 months extended limited warranty without additional costs is also nothing to cry about so that’s our best choice in the four cups range. I hope you like it and I hope it’s large enough for your needs.

Sizing It Up a Bit to 8-Cups

Once again a good amount of models but it’s hard to find a processor that gets a rating above 4-stars, based on the averages so instead we’ll look at the number of reviews and see if the price is in line with the rest as we don’t want you to end up paying to much.

Although the Cuisinart is dominating the list the price is almost twice as high then the other models from Hamilton Beach and Black+Decker. This time I pick Hamilton and see if we can find a match for the other in our 12-cups range as I like to include some brand diversity while writing these reviews.

The motor is a 300 Watts version and it comes with a regular feed tube which is quite handy if you have to process large amounts of food. Sure you still need to empty the cup, it’s not like it has an extra tube to export the processed food, now that would be something, but still, it’s handy as it’s never smart to throw in all at the same time. There are no extras to give away this time and the warranty is limited to the usual 12 months so that’s a bit of a pity.

We Found a 12-Cup Processor

The first thing that surprises me is the extreme difference in price in this category, there are processors that cost $200+ and other models are modestly priced at around fifty dollars so this makes it very hard for me to make a choice without performing a ton of research so let’s just say we are going with models under a hundred dollars in this post to make our life a little easier.

Because the Hamilton Beach, another model than the one we previously discussed is the absolute best-seller, Amazon tagged them with that, it’s probably hard to go wrong with this one and the 1500+ reviews obviously don’t lie.

If you want to look it up yourself we are talking about the 70725A model. Because of the larger size, it also needs a more powerful motor of 450 Watt. The feed chute is also a bit larger and for the rest, it has what you expect from a food processor so there’s not that much to explain about it. Oh, perhaps it is worth mentioning that the blades are made from stainless steel but isn’t that always the case?

Some Final Words

Actually, I wanted to discuss the 16-cup version as well but we’re running out of time so real quick then. Staying under $100 is not possible anymore as we are now talking about commercial grade food processors so perhaps for another post.