The Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying Office Furniture

Buying your office furniture might seem like the easiest thing on the planet. You’ll only need some chairs, tables, cabinets and some few extras right? Unfortunately, this is not exactly true.

Buying office furniture without proper research could only lead to problems in the workplace in future. That’s why it’s important to consult a reputable furniture expert as explained by Office Chairs Only.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when shopping for furniture.

Choosing price over value

While everyone loves a good bargain, it’s not prudent to choose furniture purely based on the price tag. You could end up buying a cheap chair that breaks down a few months down the line. What’s more, replacements and repairs could cancel out any savings and your fairly priced furniture could end up being a costly one.

Not seeking out used furniture

Unknown to many, used office furniture salt lake is usually of great quality and come in affordable prices. If you are a startup on a tight budget, you should have a look at some of the used furniture. Most of them are usually replaced because the previous owner was switching to a new style.

Buying without a plan in mind

Before rushing to buy that conference table, it is essential to assess your needs as well as your employee’s preferences. Will the chairs be shared or only used by one person? Do some employees prefer standing as opposed to sitting? These are some questions to ask before purchasing your office furniture.

Going for what’s trendy

Trendy pieces only last for a season and you may need to replace them afterwards. Instead choose furniture that is appealing, yet simple. This will make it easy to complement what you already have as your company grows.

Not buying based on the tasks

Purchasing your office furniture is an investment. Buying the wrong furniture could end up costing you more in the future as you may be forced to replace. Do not just settle for something because it’s cheap or it’s the first one you’ve liked.

Overlooking comfort

In as much as looks and overall appeal adds some elegance to an office setting, you should never overlook the importance of having comfortable furniture. Go for ergonomic designs that are friendly and adjustable.

Choosing the wrong fabric

Depending on your office setting, you need to choose a fabric that suites your daily routine. If you’re in a place where stains are common, you can go for vinyl. There are other types of fabric that reduce moisture and increase airflow.

Doing business with a vendor that offers zero support

While we would love to believe that everyone has our best interests at heart, some people are just after your money once you’ve purchased what they wanted. You’ll notice that some vendors are very attentive to your needs when you are making the sale but later ignore you once you’ve bought the furniture.

Before buying any office furniture, its’s important to assess how the vendor handles customer complaints and warranty cases. Ask how the vendor would handle problems that occur during the installation process, how they handle warranty repairs and what the delivery process entails.

Failing to evaluate the real cost of ownership

The furniture’s base price is only the starting point. You need to factor in taxes, freight charges, and any special handling required. If you run a business, you may not have time to assemble and install the furniture. These are costs you should also consider. It’s imperative to review and compare warranties when making a purchasing decision. Ask the vendor what the delivered price means and what it covers.

Failing to consider how furniture will adapt to technology

Technology is constantly evolving and you need to have this in mind when purchasing any office furniture. Modern furniture needs outlets and space for printers, PDAs, monitors, chargers and more. Think of the storage and space you may need five years from now. Check if the conference room can accommodate video conferencing and if the furniture can hide cords.

Buying office furniture is a one -time investment that you should carefully think about. Go for quality furniture that is both comfortable and appealing to your employees. Try to focus more on the value for money as opposed to the price tag.