How to Boost The Number of Likes on Your Instagram Posts

Instagram likes are among the metrics that are used to determine your engagement levels. The more the likes you have on each post within the first hour, the more likely your post is seen by more people.

The Instagram algorithm looks at various aspects of the likes when determining what needs to be done to rate your account. For one, the number of likes per post is checked, and how fast the likes come in. With more likes, the algorithm determines that your post is valuable to the users, so it pushes it up the ranks.

Today we look at the many ways to increase the number of likes on your posts.

Post Great Content

If you are looking for more likes, then you need to give the users something that tells them that you need the likes. The only way you need to do this is to post the right kind of content that resonates with your audience. This needs you to do a lot of research so that you understand what your audience loves and post it.

However, once you understand what can appeal to the audience and you post it, many will like it and will invite their followers to like the content as well.

Make sure to diversify the content; don’t just work with images as it has become traditional for many people.

Host a Contest

People love free things. If you are promoting a product and you want to get more likes, why not hold a contest whereby the winner takes home a few f your products? The more appealing the contest is, the more likes you get from your followers and their followers as well.

You can make the contest run for several days so that you attract as many people as possible. You can ask the audience to perform a particular task to be part of the contest, such as sharing images relevant to your marketing campaign.

Use Relevant Hashtags

As mentioned by Hash Tags For Likes you need to use hashtags to make your images discoverable and visible to as many people as possible. Hashtags help you to get found on the platform by other users and makes the content more likely to get liked. Using the right hashtags boosts the possibility for the photos to be viewed and shared across the many social platforms.

Don’t be mean with the hashtags, instead, make sure you use as many as you can because studies show that the more the hashtags, the bigger the likelihood that your content will be liked.

Don’t just stick to the popular hashtags, go ahead and use branded hashtags and some that are less known.

Apply Filters to Your Images

Applying filters mean you use third-party apps to edit your photos. You can get these and more apps online. Using these apps helps you apply filters that give your photos that unique look it lacks.

Using the right filters makes it possible to improve the lighting, or focus on a specific part of the image to make it stand out.

Post the Right Photos

Instagram is not all about posting a high-quality photo and getting the likes you need – what you need to do is to take Instagram as your art gallery. This is the place you show what you think about the world around you. The images you post needs to be relevant to the niche and useful to the followers.

In Conclusion

The number of likes you get affects how many people see your posts on Instagram. Using the right strategies, you can get as many likes as possible, and catapult your engagement levels to dizzying heights.