Her First Swimming Lesson

In addition to being a way for the toddler to have fun and exercise, swimming helps the toddler to learn survival skills for later use.  A good swimming program teaches more than just the skills of swimming, but how to access the pool and how to be safe in the water, whether at the pool or water park. This is why it is a good idea to perform some research before you access the right swimming program for your toddler.

It is also vital to learn that it will take a few toddler swimming lessons for the kid to learn how to swim. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of time, as well as practice. If the child hasn’t been around water for some time or ha a phobia for water, then you need to first sign up for a parent-child swimming class first before you can do anything else. Introduce the kid to the water gradually before taking her to the class.


You can get a good class by asking your pediatrician, or any other parent who has a toddler in class or who used the services for their kids earlier on. From here, it is a great idea to observe the class for sometime before you go ahead and enroll. The good thing is that any reputable class will welcome you and give you time to observe what is happening.

If you cannot sit in class (some programs don’t allow this), then you can talk to the supervisor and ask them to describe the activities as well as the focus of the program. Don’t forget to ask about safety features that are in place to make sure your baby is safe at all times.

The Program

The classes you choose will be aimed at helping the kid to stay comfortable in the water and to have fun as well. A toddler is too young to swim in the class by herself, so you might be required to be present the whole time. Rather than teaching the baby swimming skills, the classes are aimed at making sure the kid has fun and is comfortable in the water.

Because the toddler cannot take instructions the way you do, these classes will be aimed at teaching you how to handle the kid while in the water. The class will focus on how to help you get in and out of the water safely, how to identify and avoid unsafe swimming environments and any other dangers in the water. You also learn various games that you can play in the pool with the kid.

Look At the Schedule

From your analysis, you need to make sure the instructors run a well-organized class that has a consistent schedule aimed at making sure you get the right skills to give you fun and progress. They need to demonstrate clearly what you will learn and the benefits that come with it. Additionally, there should be a lifeguard at the pool at all times.

The Environment

You also need to look at the pool environment. A warm pool is a good way to acclimatize the baby to the water, and it is less traumatic for both of you. The class size is also a good way to help you learn more in such a short time. Look at the number of parent-child pairs; say less than ten so that the both of you can have plenty of time to practice in the pool.

The Bottom-line

You need to be careful when choosing a toddler swimming program for you and your baby. The program needs to give you a schedule that is consistent and ideal for your training.