Home/Nursing Care Negligence Issues

Millions of children put their trust in home health care professionals as well as companies that provide safety and health of elderly parents under their care. Home healthcare givers and personal care attendants are a lifesaver for the elderly people who are under their care and the relatives that rely on them to offer this service. Sadly, many of these healthcare givers aren’t properly trained and aren’t qualified to the level of care that you expect from them.

If you have a close relative or a loved one that has suffered injury as a result of a careless or negligent home care provider or due to a self-administered product that turned out to be unsafe or defective, the attorneys at The Medical Negligence Experts can help you with the case.

Care Homes Have Come in the Spotlight

Care homes have come under the radar over the past few years due to the negative reports that have revealed the high levels of negligence in some cases. The decision to place a member of the family in the care home is a difficult decision to make. You expect that the staff in the home will provide the level of care that would make the patient comfortable. This is not always the case, and you end up feeling let down.

Lack of Staff Supervision

While a large percentage of the homes provide excellent services, it isn’t always the case for others. Some of the care homes have been found to lack proper supervision, training, and experience necessary to provide the best level of care for elderly patients.

A peek into the history of the care home usually reveals that the behavior has been going on for several years without any change. The question that runs in the mind of the people is why such conditions have been left to continue without any intervention.

If you believe that an elderly patient hasn’t been receiving the standard of care that you are paying for or has been intentionally been neglected, you might have the cause to bring a claim against the care home.

Signs that show Negligence

It is sure that you will notice the signs that signify that something is wrong when you interact with the relative. Whether a residential or nursing home, the signs of neglect and negligence are evidence for all to see.

The patient won’t be his usual self. He will become withdrawn and won’t be as cheerful as he was when you first took him to the facility. The patient will also show a change in behavior and act out of character.

You will notice health problems becoming more pronounced. The patient might start experiencing bed sores or start losing weight. Dehydration will also be evident. This will show that the caregivers aren’t making sure that the patient takes enough liquids.

You will also notice issues with personal hygiene. A strong smell will indicate that the basic needs of the patient aren’t being met at all.

Accidents might be the order of the day. These are usually a result of the carelessness on the part of home caregivers. The patient might be intimidated not to report the accident; therefore you need to be keen to notice that an accident has happened.

The Bottomline: Make a Compensation Claim

You may be eligible to claim compensation when a relative suffers an injury as a result of mistakes on the part of the caregiver. Work with the attorney so that you gather enough evidence to build a case against the responsible party. The lawyer will work with you closely to make sure you get compensated.