Ninja Master Prep QB900B Review

Ninja Master and the Way of the Blender

Blenders and smoothie makers will be considered as a secondary piece to add to your kitchen, but does that mean you shouldn’t be trying one out for your own personal uses? I’ve always thought that smoothies were kind of expensive when you purchase them from a chain store, and I was seeking out a way to try and make some for myself. Not only did I find a cost efficient way to make my smoothies, but I’ve also figured out how to live a much healthier life.

Healthier Life?

That’s right, because a smoothie maker like this one will have you getting a decent amount of nutritional value from your drinks. When you blend up fruits and veggies, you’re going to be left with a relatively life enhancing drink – if you’ve ever had a smoothie before, you’re probably already aware of that.

Smoothie Maker Features

There’s a quad blade cutter technology within this product, and that means your processing power is going to be unmatched. A lot of the times you’ll be left with a smoothie that isn’t exactly smooth, but the quad blade technology and 48 ounces of space in the pitcher mean you’ll have a smooth drink every single time. You use the 2 cup processor that minces and purees as you please, and the easy pouring spout makes actually consuming the smoothie a breeze. Smoothy Makers Paradise would pretty much echo the same thing that I said here, but they might go into a little more depth – which might be something you’d like.


48 ounces of space in your pitcher is a lot of stuff to work with, and that means you’ll be making some of the largest smoothie batches you’ve ever known. Easy pouring means that drinking the smoothie itself will never be a difficult task, and the quad blade technology will ensure that the smoothie is never lumpy. It’s never going to be lumpy, and you life will be lived a with a little more energy, it’s pretty much a win-win situation! It’s got all of the best traits that a smoothie maker could show for itself, so that’s why I was drawn to it almost automatically.


I’ve heard stories of the blades welding themselves to the actual smoothie maker themselves, but I never had to work with that particular problem. It sounds sort of crazy, and I can only imagine how much heat would be needed for that – odds are it’s just somebody trying to be negative.

The Summary

I feel like there’s a major impact to be had when you use the right smoothie maker, which is why I actually recommended this one. There are way more than this particular one out there on the market, but this is the preferred choice of most individuals. If you’ve never even considered trying out the smoothie making situation that we’re blessed with these days, now is the time to do so.