Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser

Panasonic bring you a bread maker for everyone.

Panasonic’s simplistically designed bread maker has been going strong since the early two thousands. With good reason as the producers have put the time in to make some modifications to the recipe book ensuring you will get a decent loaf of bread each and every time. This machine produces sandwich bread loafs, so it shouldn’t be your bread maker of choice if you are looking to make artisan quality breads. On the other hand, those sandwich style bread loafs will blow away your average supermarket brand. For the price of the unit, that’s nothing so scoff at; as this unit will not cost you an arm and a leg.


Here you will find conventional features that aren’t going to let you down or confuse you. The biggest of which is its ability to automatically dispense yeast into the mix at the appropriate time. This unit features setting for whole wheat, white, French, multigrain, and cakes.  There is also a 13 hour start time for delayed use, in case you don’t want to bake the bread directly upon finishing preparation of the dough. You can choose between one and a half, two, or two and half pound loafs. No matter which size you select the bread will retain an equal quality on any of the settings.  Loafs will rise and set after about 2 hours in the bread maker.


Straightforward, compact, functional, are a few of the words I would use to describe this unit. So, it’s fairly clear that this bread maker is severely lacking any “wow” factor. It won’t turn any head, but at the same time it won’t clutter your kitchen. That’s okay, because it’s also very easy to use and built in a way that allows for super simple clean up (less than 1 minute on average). There’s a basic handle for removing the pan, and dislodging the bread is equally as easy with the non-stick pan.

The good

Lower price than other models, fairly shot bake time, and built in yeast dispenser come to mind right away. The digital display is also a plus, and the layout of the menu, select, size, buttons can’t be missed. The bread is a sandwich loaf style of high quality, causing many owners of this bread maker to halt their purchasing of any grocery store loafs after their very first time using this product. The cake setting also does its job flawlessly. Owners are constantly raving about how this machine replaced their need to buy supermarket bread ever again; making this indeed a worthwhile investment for the price.

The bad

Besides that intuitive yeast dispensing system, this bread maker is lacking in bells and whistles. Put plainly it really doesn’t offer much versatility.  Almost all the setting (even cake) will result in a sandwich style type of loaf. You won’t be pulling out anything that resembles a baguette from this machine, but you can get some nice French loaf with a white bread looking crust. And, even though it comes with a one year warranty, many of Panasonic SD-YD250 bread maker reviews online complain of Panasonics lack of quality customer care. Most people who had issues have been able to return their product no matter what the fault, be it broken paddle, plastic burning, or lid lock failure. That is only after putting in valiant efforts to get in touch with Panasonic customer care.  However, plenty of those reviewers went right back to using this exact same product saying “it made the best bread out of all my past bread makers”.

The verdict

The Panasonic SD-YD250 is not the most diverse, fancy, or highly functional bread maker out there. It is however a fairly inexpensive bread maker that produces a high quality sandwich bread, and comes with a list of viable recipes. While you may end up with a lemon, plenty of owners swear by this particular bread maker.