Razor RX200 Electric Off Road Scooter Review

You’re probably thinking that riding a scooter was something that only happened when you were younger and outside playing with your friends. Well, in a way you are right, but nowadays they are also used by young, urban professionals who are looking for a cheaper way to commute in the busy cities. Scooters have enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, and this is never more evident then when you take a look at the Razor RX200 Electric Scooter which is what we are going to do in today’s review. So sit back and enjoy.

What are the Features?

This scooter is designed to go off road and the features it has demonstrate that fact well. The Razor has off road tyres which are thicker than the normal ones you would get on an electric scooter, and they mean you can travel where you want! It also has a disc brake and a new gear ratio for high torque trail riding, which make the Razor ready to tackle some of the trickiest off road tracks straight out of the box. On the outdoor trails you are most likely going to be using this scooter on, you can get up to speeds of around 12 mph which is more than enough to get around with. Other smaller features which are still worth a mention include the twist grip throttle, the lightweight yet sturdy steel frame and fork, the retractable kickstand for the times you are not using the scooter, and the 24 volt rechargeable battery system that is in place.

What are the Positives?

The way that this scooter was designed really helps it to stand out from all of its competitors. There are not many electric scooters which can work well both on and off road, but this is one. It is perfect for all ages and sizes too, so it doesn’t matter if you are buying it for your kids, or buying it for yourself to help with the morning commute to work, the Razor will work just fine. This is a scooter which can handle the bumps and curbs that it will face on an everyday basis with ease!

What’s bad about it?

Whilst there is not one huge, standout bad point about the Razor, there are a couple of smaller ones which are worth noting down. Due to the nature of this being an off road scooter it does not have a very high ground clearance so it may take some getting used to for the initial rides. The other point is that thanks to its powerful engine, some may struggle to adapt to the speed they get from the machine, but this is no fault of the scooter rather the owner!


Scooters have become more and more adaptable to new situations as time has gone on, and the Razor RX200 is one of the most adaptable of them all. It is the perfect scooter for keeping the kids entertained and maybe even you as well, so why not take a look! If you do want to compare it to other similar electric scooters then you can do so here at theelectricrider.com.