Stay Hydrated with a Water Dispenser

Water, along with Carbon, it’s understood as one of the primary building blocks of life. Sometimes on a hot day, all we long for is a nice tall glass of cold water. For the farmers out there, water is the most necessary resource. Its 70% of our body, and clean drinking water is one of the most important things that a modern society can provide for it’s citizens. Why then is water one of the parts of our lives we spend the least time thinking about?

Luckily, tap water in Singapore is extremely safe to drink and devoid of harmful chemicals, additives, and toxins. The government itself maintains that tap water “is suitable for drinking without any further filtration”. However, we still may find ourselves looking for something better. If you are, why not check out a Novita water dispenser machine in Singapore?

If we’re being honest here, tap water just doesn’t always cut it. If you’ve ever had water from a quality filtration system, you know that it simply tastes better. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, and hitting that mark can be a chore, especially if the water you’re drinking doesn’t make you feel as good as the idea of being healthy. A quality water dispenser can help you to reach your health goals, stay hydrated, and more importantly: to enjoy it.

So why pay money when for a water dispenser if you can turn on the tap for free? Well, theres three answers to that question.

One I’ve already discussed above is taste. Drinking from a good dispenser is simply a better experience for your taste buds. I know, I know, water doesn’t have taste. But you can’t deny that you enjoy a bottle of water more than you enjoy a lukewarm cup of water that’s been sitting in your kitchen all day. But buying bottled water gets expensive quick, especially in the hot summer or if you’re being extremely physically active throughout your day. A countertop water dispenser is cheaper than buying bottled water, but delivers the same quality of filtration and taste.

The second answer is that, although tap water is completely safe to drink, water that has been filtered further is cleaner. If 70% of your body is water, don’t you think the quality of that water can have an effect on your health? Drinking filtered water can protect your body from disease, reduces the risks of various cancers, and leads to greater health overall.  If you have children in the house, drinking clean water can provide greater assurance against bacteria, protecting their developing immune systems.

Also, although the water that leaves treatment plants is tested as safe and clear of contaminants, it never passes straight from these plants to your sink. it passes through a network of pipes and tanks before it ever reaches your sink. These pipes aren’t replaced on a regular basis due to the cost of tearing up concrete and digging to get to them. Sometimes they develop rust, or trace amounts of contaminants build up over time until eventually braking off to join the water supply.

The third reason is utility. Tired of constantly waiting for water to boil? You can get hot water from a water dispenser at the push of a button. Can’t get cold enough water from your apartment sink because your neighbor is taking a hot shower? Your water dispenser will give you fresh cool water, again, at the push of a button.

To reiterate, tap water is reliably safe to drink in Singapore, and in no way is a water dispenser necessary for your health. However, if you want to make the most of your water, consider checking out a Novita water dispenser machine today.