Thinking of Buying a Drone? Here are Some Factors to Consider

Drones have become increasingly popular thanks to creative people like filmmakers, photographers and social media icons. Unlike ground shots that only give you one perspective, drones allow you to get some of the most amazing shots from different backgrounds. As a first time drone buyer, knowing what to choose can be confusing. While drones have a similar basic framework, they vary greatly in other areas.

Luckily for you, has amazing reviews of the different quadcopters and drones available. Most people do not understand that there are certain rules that they should follow when operating a drone. Moreover, some places don’t allow the use of drones. There’s no need to spend over a thousand dollars for a drone that you either won’t use or one that you don’t understand how to use.

Before rushing to make that purchase, here are some important things to consider.

Not all drones are made ready to fly

When looking for a drone to buy, you’ll see terms such as ARF, RTF, and BNF. ARF means almost ready to fly. This could mean that you require to partially assemble the drone. An ARF drone may also leave out certain parts like the flight controller, battery and motors. RTF means ready to fly and you do not require to set up or assemble any part.  BNF stands for bind and fly. This type of drone is completely assembled but lacks a controller.

The price is only the beginning

You just bought your drone for $1250m guess what? You’re not done spending, you still need spare propellers, a charger, prop guards and extra batteries. Flying on a low battery could result in a crash which means replacement costs. Alternatively, you may need to ship it back to the manufacturer to make the necessary repairs. Before buying any drone, check to see how easy it is to find accessories, spare parts and batteries. Do not forget to write down the prices. Avoid buying parts supplied by a third party as they may not be the same quality as those from a manufacturer.

Quality of the camera

The common reason as to why people purchase drones is to take sweeping aerial shots. With drone cameras, you’ll find their resolutions ranging from the basic VGA to 4K which is the highest quality. If you’re not looking for high-quality footage, you can save some extra bucks. Moreover, you need to purchase a drone that records video footage straight to a USB stick or a memory card on the drone. To avoid blurry and shaky looking photos, you can get a gimble which keeps the camera steady against the winds.

Flight time

The other key consideration you should take into account is how long it can actually stay in the air. This makes all the difference between capturing the best footage and having to pick your drone from the floor. With this in mind. You need to choose a drone with the best flight time and range. Make sure that you choose one that is within your budget. It’s important to keep in mind that even the best drones cannot stay in the air for more than thirty minutes. Having spare batteries is a great option.

Intended use

Are you looking to purchase a drone for excellent video or for its high speed? Answering this question will help you choose the right drone.

Charging time

This may be an important factor depending on what you are planning to do with your drone. An hour or more for a full recharge would be ideal. Do not forget to fully charge your drone before you head out.

Extra features

The drone market is diverse. You’ll find drones that can swerve away from obstacles, some that will follow you around and those that are able to return to their take off spot even if the remote connection is not working. These smart extra features are available if you’ve got some money to spend. Furthermore, expensive drones are easier to fly. Read reviews of a particular model online to determine what it takes to fly a specific drone.

Rules and regulations

There are some states that do not permit the use of drones. Before purchasing a drone, check to see of your state has these requirements. Additionally, some states have strict rules regarding operation of drones. Knowing these rules will help you avoid getting into trouble with the law.


Transmitter or controller is what allows you to maneuver the drone.  Most transmitters operate at 2.4GHz frequency and come with two analog sticks. As a beginner, you are better off with a transmitter that shows the speed, height, and throttle position of your drone. Some drones have in built FPV flying and LCD monitors.

Skill level

Do not buy a drone that is beyond your skill level as you may end up wasting your money and crashing it. Opt for a cheaper model and use this to learn before you purchase an expensive model.

Buying a drone is not as complicated. With the above tips, you’ll be better informed and prepared to get the right drone.