Tips to Plan Your Garden Wedding

The idea of planning a garden wedding is very romantic and is all about the premise of reciting your vows among the natural beauty of flowers and trees. But how can you be sure that your wedding will end up the way you want it to?

Here are a few tips to make sure your garden wedding is as successful as ever.

Consider the Date

If you are set to wed at a certain garden venue due to sentimental reasons or any other reason, then you need to find out when the garden is at its best. This entails knowing when the plants and the flowers are likely to be in full bloom. Ask for some photos of previous weddings so that you can know when the garden looks best. You can also talk to a gardener to get an idea of the best times for your wedding.

The gardener will have an idea of the time it will take for the garden to look its best in a certain period. Remember that gardens are at the mercy of the season, and the weather can accelerate the progress of a garden.

So, be sure that the garden venue will still look wonderful when the time comes to hold the wedding. If the garden isn’t to your liking, you can augment its look via cut flowers that you buy from somewhere else. Arrange the flowers in containers to give your venue a perfect look you desire.

Add Light

If you plan to hold the wedding in the evening, then you need to have some lights for the garden as well. You want the garden to be well illuminated, and for your guests to be able to see what they are doing and where they are going.

As much as you want lights at the venue, you don’t want the guests to be dazzled by floodlights. A few candle lights or bulbs that have been hung from trees or posts can give the cozy glow you need for the evening.

Nail the Look

You need to keep the forecast in mind when you pick the wedding look for that day. If you think the weather will be a bit sunny, then go for a wedding dress that is breathable and feels comfortable, and make sure your groom is dressed in a breathable shirt as well to match.

If the weather might be cold, then bring along a topper or shrug to wear in case the temperatures drop.

Additionally, provide some watering points when the weather is sunny. Many couples focus on the bar selection and forget about keeping the guests hydrated all the time. If it is cold, think of hot cocoa or coffee stations integrated into the decor of the wedding.

Catering Suggestions

When you meet with your catering team, make sure you talk to them about where you want the food to be kept when the event is going on. After all, you don’t want the cake to melt all over the table just because it has been placed in the sun the whole day.

You also want to consider the various needs of your audience when choosing food. Take time to understand the needs of the group, both old and young so that you cater for all their tastes.

Your Budget

Choosing the perfect venue is all about the money that you have set aside for the wedding. Remember that most of the gardens are charged according to the space you book. The larger space, the more you end up paying for the day. So, depending on the budget, you need to find a space that will suit your guests.

For inspiration, check out to see what your wedding might look like if you choose the perfect venue.

When making the budget, don’t forget the details and the kids’ needs as well. Take time to understand the needs of the little ones so that you don’t leave them out.

Final Thoughts

A garden wedding can be a great way to start this phase of your life. Take time to get the perfect location so that you enjoy what it has to add to your wedding. Without the perfect venue, you stand to lose out on the glamour that comes with such a special day.