VonShef Professional Powerful Wide Mouth Whole Fruit Juicer 700W

Juicers that allows you handle whole fruits and vegetables at a time will always be better than their smaller counterparts, because they have a lot more to offer the person buying the product. If they didn’t, there really wouldn’t be a reason to try and purchase one, would there? Anyways, I’m going to be reviewing this wonderful item today, and if you feel like it’s a little lackluster, there is always another review of this product for you to check out. I’m not the best writer, but I’m bored and felt the need to share my opinion on this product. The Great British Food Magazine actually named this as one of the leading juicers the market is sporting right now, and it’s an optimal choice for anyone interested in losing weight.

What Makes a Good Juicer?

The best juicers will be the ones that have neat reviews, but also apply to your specific needs. You might want one that’s a little larger so you can make large quantities of juice, or a smaller one to ensure that you’ll drink all of the juice in one sitting. It all depends on you as a person.

The Features

You’ll be able to live a healthier life with this juicer, as it’s going to promote a much healthier way of going about your daily routine. The stainless steel finish is as high quality as they come, and the centrifugal juicing process allows almost every single fruit you could imagine to be juiced. There’s a 2 speed rotary dial that lets you change the RPM for specific fruits, and it’s one of the easiest juicers around that you could clean. 700 watts in the motor is a little lacking, but it’s more than enough to take care of any fruits/vegetables you may need pulverized.

Talking About the Highs

Living a healthier life is always going to be in your best interest, which is why a juicer like this one can seriously help you out. Don’t be the person that refuses to make use of the 2 speed rotary dial, or even the 700 watts of maximum power that this juicer sports. The 70 ounce detachable pulp container is a nice touch too, and it’s also completely stainless when it comes to the steel finish.

Talking About the Lows

It’s really, really loud. Juicers are normally loud, but it seems as if this one is exceptionally loud – I’m not sure if that’s something they forgot to take care of while adding all of those other really useful features. The machine itself could use a little work, as I swore I could hear some sort of gears grinding at one point.

My Opinion

Although I had one major setback with this juicer, it’s still sticking around in my kitchen, and it’s pulverizing oranges left and right! It created a delicious and pulp free juice for me, and it does so whenever I would like.