Waterpik Complete Care Toothbrush Review

It is never something that anyone particularly looks forward to in their daily routine, but brushing your teeth is an incredibly important thing to do each and every day. Without proper oral hygiene, other health problems can occur, so for the sake of a two minute brush it is well worth it! Perhaps the hardest part of brushing is knowing which toothbrush to choose to help you in the battle against plaque. That is why today we are here to introduce you to the Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush! This clever device and clean your teeth and more, so sit back and relax while we take you through all of its features!

So tell me what features it has?

This brush has one prominent feature that really helps it to stand out from the crowd. It uses a unique combination of water pressure and pulsation which helps to clean between your teeth and even below the gumline, removing a lot more harmful bacteria than a normal brush would. The manufacturers have even made the claim that the brush can give you healthier gums in just 14 days! Included in the package with this brush is a flossing tool which utilizes water pressure to get between your teeth too! The whole unit comes attached to a reservoir which you fill with water to use in the flossing tool, so you will be able to keep track of all of the different elements of the Waterpik with ease!

Tell me a little more about the positive points

This product comes very well packaged so things are off to a good start as soon as you receive it! It is easy to assemble as all you have to do is clip the head of the brush onto the base, fill up the reservoir and off you go. The brush charges quickly, and the brushes dual speed feature means that you can vary up the brush speed depending on the sensitivity of your gums and teeth. The other good thing about this brush is that it comes with a two year warranty, so even if something did go wrong you would be covered!

And the negative points too

There is only really one negative point about this toothbrush, and it relates to its uniqueness. As the water powered flossing tool is not something that you see everyday, many people struggle to use it for the first few times and this results in a wet bathroom floor!

What’s the Conclusion?

If you want to clean your teeth thoroughly every day and are looking for value for money then this is the brush for you. As you can see on http://www.toothbrushbest.com/waterpik-complete-care/ in more detail, this brush does everything you could ask of it and more, and with the addition of the water powered flossing tool your teeth will be sparkling and your trips to the dentist will be fewer and fewer in the future! Just be careful when using the flossing tool though as you don’t want wet feet!