YouTube Marketing 101

Ask any YouTube marketer who has succeeded on the platform, and they will tell you one thing – the more content you deliver, the more success you have. However, this is not the case for everything you post, because when you post shitty content, you don’t get anywhere, what you need instead is high-quality videos to drive viewership. You need to deliver high quality, relevant content on a regular basis to win the viewers over.

Today we look at how to come up with a content strategy for your YouTube channel so that you can drive higher traffic and ultimate viewership on this video-sharing platform.


    1. Create a Profile


The profile you create on Youtube shows the viewers who you are, what to expect from you and even your business link. Youtube allows you to place a link in the profile to redirect users to your landing page – whether a website or a blog.

Make sure the image you put as your profile image reflects all about you. If you are a fashionista, then the profile picture ought to reflect this. Apart from the profile picture, you can upload a cover image which in essence represents the background of your profile.


    1. Create a Niche


If you wish to get targeted followers to your channel, then you can come up with a niche. The niche can be anything you are good at or that you have a passion for. Creating a niche also gives your users a focus, meaning that they can find you when they search for a certain video.


    1. Know Your Tags


Just the way Google gives you keywords to use to narrow down your search; users on YouTube also get to use some words to get the videos that they are looking for.

These words are called tags, and you insert them for every video you upload to make it easy to find. To make your content visible, use several tags that are relevant to the niche or the product so that users can easily search for and find your videos.


    1. Upload High Quality, Informative Videos


When it comes to any social networking site, you need to make sure you upload high-quality content. Youtube is a video sharing site, which means there are millions of videos uploaded each day. You are therefore in competition with so many other people in the niche who are taking high-quality videos and uploading them.

Depending on the niche and the theme you choose, it is imperative that you upload videos that will appeal to a wider audience so that you can have more people liking and sharing them. It doesn’t make sense uploading ten videos, and only one stands out.

The videos that you upload need to communicate a message, for instance, if you are offering tips on running businesses, then the video needs to communicate this. It has also been found out that the shorter the video, the more the viewership, so make sure you stick to the point.


    1. Get More Followers


If you have ever wanted to grow your Youtube account and get an audience to market to, you need to have an existing following. The existing following tells the other users that wish to follow you that you are an authority in the niche. If you are just starting out, Fred Harrington says to try a YouTube bot to rack up the numbers.

The Bottom-line

Youtube is one of the best video sharing social sites that you can join. You can set up an account and use it to get your promotional message to more people.