Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT 3-cup Rice Cooker Review

We’ve looked at some of the highest ranking Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT 3-cup rice cooker reviews on the Web, and we’ve reached the same conclusions that the other reviewers seem to agree on unanimously: this is an excellent appliance for any bachelor, small family, or young couple just starting out. If you want to enjoy a savory home-cooked meal, but you don’t want to spend all day hovering over three or four different dishes in the kitchen, this will be a tremendous asset to your household.

Yes, But… Why Any Rice Cooker?

You’ve had rice before. It’s a staple for most of the world’s population, but in the west it often gets taken for granted. We treat rice like filler, like something that needs substantial accompaniment to make it worth eating. In the east, such as in Japan, rice has been traditionally prepared for centuries in a way that makes it turn out fluffy, light, sumptuous, and moist. It has its own flavor, which complements the rest of the meal. A rice cooker is an affordable and easy way to enjoy rice to its fullest potential, while maintaining its healthy aspects. At the same time, it makes preparation (and cleanup) a snap. Think about that. How often is the easy way to do something also the right way?

A Modest Capacity, Suitable for Many Situations

The Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT rice cooker can handle three cups’ dry rice, which results in six cups of plump, sumptuous grains of wholesome, nutritious rice once your meal has finished cooking. That’s enough to give a bachelor or young married couple a day or two of leftovers, while satisfying the hunger of a larger family on the night. It won’t feed an army, but it will sate the appetite of your average family of four-point-five-six people… especially if that point-five-sixths of a person isn’t all that hungry!

Convenient and Easy to Use

From setting it up, to breaking it down – this little rice cooker from Zojurishi does its best to minimize anything that might be called a “chore.” It stores in a surprisingly small space, wipes clean with a damp dish cloth or paper towel, and offers multiple standard modes to handle a wide variety of rice-based foods and cooking times. Steamed vegetables? Chopped meat? Beans? None of that is a problem. The cooker even comes with a small book of convenient recipe suggestions; it’s certain to offer something you haven’t tried yet!

Golden Duckie, Ever Bold…

What about golden brown rice, or long-grain rice? Rice and beans? Like most rice cookers from Zojirushi, it handles them with ease. More than that, in fact; it offers separate cooking modes for different kinds of rice, to ensure not only high-quality results, but consistency. Gone are the days of “oh… the rice didn’t turn out quite the way it did last time.” Zojirushi’s patented heating system ensures a smooth and even cooking process, creating top quality rice time and again.

The Score is Love!

If you aren’t feeding an army, or a large family concerned about leftovers? I would strongly suggest that you give this particular cooker a try. It’s an excellent item of kitchenware from a reputable, well-established company with an international following. Zojirushi’s commitment to excellence is well-established the world over, among homeowners and five-star chefs alike. Give it a try, and you’ll see what I mean!